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Wavelink Speakeasy is the fastest, most cost-effective way to voice enable your mobile workers. It complements data collection via barcode scanning, RFID, and keyboard entry by facilitating voice-based data entry (speech-to-text) as well as voice direction from an application (text-to-speech).

Designed in conjunction with Wavelink application streaming products, Speakeasy can be added to telnet and browser deployments with complete compatibility. Speakeasy redefines voice enablement. It erases the complexities associated with legacy voice applications such as voice middleware, dedicated voice servers, and proprietary voice hardware. Enterprises that choose Speakeasy benefit from a full-featured voice-enablement solution without extended deployment projects. Many Speakeasy deployments are completed in 30 days or less.


When it comes to creating a real-time warehouse, only Zebra Technologies brings you true end-to-end solutions — from the mobile devices in the hands of your workforce to the wireless Wi-Fi networks and RFID infrastructure that enable workers to access your business data in every inch of the warehouse, plus services that help you get and keep your mobile warehouse solution up and running at peak performance. The result? Increased productivity. Increased accuracy. And the ability to exceed your customers expectations.


Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions is a global leader providing custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls, and productivity solutions built around our high performance data collection hardware including rugged mobile computers, voice-enabled software, bar code scanners, radio frequency identification (RFID) and workflow printing solutions. Our solutions serve customers in aerospace, automotive, field service, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, medical, retail, supply chain, test and measurement, and transportation and logistics markets. We provide unparalleled precision and durability that improves efficiency, increases operational productivity and enhances customer service capabilities.