Southwick Technologies provides customers with over 110 different high-capacity, competitively priced replacement battery packs that are compatible with RF equipment made by major OEMs including: Symbol, Vocollect, Telxon, Zebra, Hand Held Products (Honeywell), and others. High-capacity, longer lasting batteries result in:

  • Multi-vendor replacement battery packs
  • Longer run times and increased end-user productivity
  • Need for fewer replacement batteries, resulting in a reduction in purchase costs by up to 32%
  • Fewer equipment service incidents
  • Environmental benefits with less waste

We design, manufacture and globally market the highest performing, top quality, competitively priced battery packs for handheld scanners, portable printers, wearable computers and electronic signs used by Fortune 500 retail, distribution, manufacturing and logistics companies. Our batteries meet and exceed OEM specifications in capacity, cycle life, performance, quality - but never price. When implemented, our batteries optimize equipment uptime, increase end-user productivity, reduce maintenance cost up to 15% by eliminating repairs as “no failure found – just replace with new battery” and reduces the extraordinary high cost of battery change outs during work shifts, especially in distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. We have implemented our battery replacement programs for many Fortune 500 companies totaling 12.4 million batteries since 2005 with commitments for millions more over the next several years.  In addition to saving hundreds of millions of dollars our customers enjoy exemplary customer service, on time deliveries, 100% product acceptance, engineering support for various power related support, proactive battery recycling and indepth knowledge about the equipment we make batteries for.

Battery Life