Because of the high cost of purchasing new RF equipment, our battery pack charger platforms are a cost-effective alternative to get the most out of your current equipment is an ideal alternative. Our battery charging platforms are compatible with legacy and new OEM equipment.

Flexible design enables Southwick Technologies to configure 1 to 6 bays on a single charging platform with individual charge units

Manufactured from rugged steel enables easy redesign to fit the customer’s specific requirements

  • Charges Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, and LI-Poly batteries
  • 30-day lead time for new adapters
  • Custom design capabilities


Multi-patented Universal Charging Platform

BarCodeSince introduction of the bar code label in the late 70’s first used by grocery check out scanners, battery powered, portable bar code readers soon followed. These devices were made by many different companies form the names of Telxon, Symbol, Norand, Cipher Labs, Welch Allen, PSC with more appearing later on as HHP, Metrologic, Intermec, LXE, Honeywell and Zebra. Each manufacture has its own proprietary hardware and software design where later on in their product plan includes proprietary batteries and chargers.

For nearly three decades, users of these technologies encountered great difficulty in managing disparate hardware and software with minimal standardization. This situation remains today and is expected in the future with some standardization of operating systems, applications, data structures and wireless networks but not with batteries or chargers.

As expressed by many of our customers with hundreds of thousands of portable and RF devices a perfect world would be for all devices to use the same battery and charger. We are pleased to announce we have solved half of their requests by designing our multi-patented, universal charging platform that rapidly charges any combination of OEM batteries or all of the same.

We achieve this with a six bay docking station as its base, also configurable to a four, two and a single bay charger, with a suite of standard or smart push of button removable adapters. Also patented is our charge circuit built into each charging adapter (not the dock) so they function either as a single station charger with a separate power supply or as part of the six, four, two  (thus its product model number 6421) bay charger where the adapters are inserted into the docking station.

As OEM’s design new smart batteries that share battery data with its host device our smart adapters will read and display this data through an on board LED display and send the data to basically anyone with an email address. We are contemplating making an App for the I-phones to receive and process this data. Future design is an on-board computer that would slide into the dock like an adapter and communicate to all batteries while in the adapters to perform advance battery analysis.

The patents to our universal charger include

  • Removable charging adapter that can slide in and out of the docking station with the push of a button to release
  • Each charging adapter functions either as a part of a multiple charger while in the docking station or when removed from docking station can function as a single charging station with its own power supply
  • The next generation of adapters will be smart charging adapters to capture battery data (voltage, capacity, cycle life, date, etc.) and send to a wireless connection
  • In the shape, size of a charging adapter, the on board computer will be able to slide onto the docking station, making contact to all adapters through a PCB contact system
  • The docking station, either 6, 4, 2 or 1 bay, has its own power supply to accommodate charging of dumb or smart charging adapters with a contact design enabling on board computer to connect to charging adapters