Battery Change Out

All-at-Once Battery Replacement Program



Problem Solved

In a typical environment, the status of rechargeable batteries is 1/3 new, 1/3 moderate, 1/3 needs replacing. There are mixtures of batteries that have been procured at various times and there is no good solution to this problem…until now.




A Simple Solution

The solution is simple: replace ALL of your batteries at the same time. Replacing all of your batteries at once can save millions in cost avoidance, maintenance, productivity, and wages. Southwick has developed a formula that details all of the costs and savings associated with the commodity of rechargeable batteries.




Control Your Bottom Line

Do you want to spend $2 million to save $9 million on batteries alone?

Let us show you how many of the Fortune 100 companies are impacting their bottom line by controlling the cost of rechargeable batteries. Contact us.

Customer Savings